Purple Punch Strain

Purple Punch Strain

Purple Punch Strain,

The Purple Punch strain is a potent knockout for a mind and body high. And, As the product of two indica dominant parents, this strain punches the symptoms of stress, nausea and sleeplessness to create a wonderful sedating effect. Furthermore, Purple Punch hits hard with an aroma profile of sweet fruity notes from its dense purple buds covered in sugary trichomes.

This strain can also contain traces of CBD, making it a great choice for medicinal use. Users often choose Purple Punch as a nightcap to ease the mind and body. With strong cerebral stimulation, the strain easily lifts up one’s spirits and soothes body pains such as cramps and headaches. Those who suffer from insomnia will benefit greatly from this strain. It’s no wonder this indica champion is such a knockout.

Purple Punch Strain Details

Purple Punch is an indica-dominant strain. This strain is a cross between Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, which are two indica classics. The original Purple Punch strain was claimed to be grown by Hawaiian breeders at Supernova Gardens, however, the official origin of this strain remains a mystery.

Purple Punch is a fitting name for this strain as it is coveted for its vibrant purple buds, sweet smell and enticing taste. These features create a fruity and sweet dessert strain, perfect for consumption after dinner.

Don’t let these features fool you though. As its name also suggests, this strain can definitely pack a punch. Its THC levels and indica effects will hit you with a one-two combination that can be felt in both the body and the mind.

Purple Punch Strain Effects

Purple Punch has a THC content range of around 16-20% with most strains being closer to the upper boundary than the lower. At 20% THC, this strain isn’t as potent as other boutique strains such as Wedding Cake and Original Glue, but it is still fairly strong. Due to its combination of a strong mind and body high, enough of this strain can make you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. Sometimes this strain can contain 1% CBD.

After consumption, the high commences instantly, at full force. This first manifests as strong cerebral stimulation that you can feel right behind the eyes. Accompanying this stimulation is an uplifting sensation of mild euphoria. With this strain containing minimal sativa genetics, this as far as the mental stimulation will progress.

As the high continues, the bodily effects will begin to kick in to balance out the cerebral effects. These come in the form of physical relaxation and strong sedation, which is common for indica strains. Due to the strong sedation, this strain is recommended for night-time use, or just before bed.

This strain also has the common negative side-effects of cottonmouth and dry-eyes. As the cerebral effects are quite mild, any feelings of anxiety or paranoia are unlikely to present themselves, however caution is still advised to anyone predisposed to these conditions.

This strain’s uplifting effects are felt easily and instantaneously, making it popular with some medical cannabis consumers. Stress relief is its most common application, as the induced euphoria helps to soothe feelings of stress or depression.

Another condition that this strain is able to effectively manage is insomnia. The sedation caused by this strain is useful in combatting instances of sleeplessness. This strain has also seen use in combatting bodily pains, cramps, spasms, nausea and in some cases migraines.

Purple Punch Appearance, Smell & Taste

The Purple Punch strain is indica-typical in appearance, with a short stature and round, globular buds. The dense, fragrant and purple buds are all hallmarks of the Purple Punch strain. These buds are fluffy and bright, with an almost-neon tone to them. They are absolutely laden with amber trichomes and bright orange pistils.

Purple Punch’s aroma is as sweet as its name suggests. This strain’s aromatic profile contains scents such as grape, candy, blueberries and soda. Vanilla and herbal notes can also be detected when the buds are broken apart or ground up. The main terpenes found within this strain are caryophyllene (peppery), limonene (citrus) and pinene (pine).

Purple Punch’s taste is remarkably similar to its aroma, making this a delicious dessert strain. The strong grape soda flavour is balanced by other notes such as blueberry, vanilla and herbs, so the taste isn’t overwhelmingly sweet. To enjoy this strain’s flavour clearly and to its full extent, vaporising is the recommended method of consumption.

Due to its taste, aroma and high concentration of trichomes, this strain is a popular one to consume via a vaporiser. As such it is available in concentrate, oil and wax compositions.

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