OG Kush Wax

OG Kush Wax

OG Kush Wax, It is made from concentrated OG Kush flower and contains 75-90% THC on average. Like the OG Kush strain, it offers the distinct “chem” and “kush” flavors you’ve come to know and love. It also offers a happy, uplifted mental effect and gentle physical relaxation that lasts for hours at a time, making it a great choice for medical patients and recreational users alike.

How is made?

OG Kush Wax is made by using BHO extraction — butane (a liquified gas) as a solvent that is then blasted through the OG Kush flowers to extract the THC and terpenes from the flowers themselves. Once this process is complete, the butane is evaporated out and you’re left with a sticky, gooey concentrate that looks a little bit like soft beeswax.


However, OG Kush wax is on the crumblier side. It’s a light brown or dark orange color with a pretty soft, scoopable texture that makes it easy and ideal for dabbing. While scoopable, some crumbles may fall off of the dab tool as is standard with many crumble-waxes. Luckily, the crumbles from this particular strain are also on the sticky side, so it isn’t likely you’ll lose them to the floor.

Flavors and aroma

When dabbed on a quartz nail, OG Kush wax releases a thick and herbaceous yet peppery vapor that tastes a lot like the OG Kush flowers themselves. You can expect a complex mingle of flavors on the inhale that include fuel, skunk and spice. The exhale is pretty spicy, so you’re sure to cough on your way out. However, the aftertaste is that of citrus and that Chemdawg-esque flavor that OG Kush aficionados enjoy.


The effects are the most exciting thing about OG Kush wax, though. Since the wax is an ultra-concentrated form of OG Kush, you’re left with a product with intensified and longer-lasting effects. It’s great for a nice mental boost that promotes a positive mental attitude and blissful euphoria that can help you power through even the most mundane tasks. It also offers a gentle physical effect that’ll relax the muscles and decrease pain and inflammation. In higher doses, many medical patients use OG Kush wax to battle insomnia as it’s potency has some serious stopping power. Medical patients also use it for its ability to melt away feelings of intense stress, anxiety, and even depression.

All in all, It is a great choice for any time of day. It offers a great balance of effects, high potency, and an all-around awesome taste. Next time you see it, grab it! It’s a great choice for personal supply and social use. Plus, you won’t be disappointed with its dabbable texture, good color, and variety of effects.

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