Pre Rolled Joints

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Pre Rolled Joints are considered practical means of purchasing cannabis from our marijuana dispensary for several reasons. buy preroll-joints online

They’re easy: purchasing a pre-roll takes all of the guesswork out of rolling and smoking medical or recreational marijuana. Learning to roll a solid marijuana joint takes practice and can be pretty messy. You’ll need a grinder, rolling papers and a lot of patience and can lose some product in the process. Or just purchase a pre-roll and enjoy the smoke!

They’re discreet: pre-rolls are easier to carry around than pipes, dugouts or the like. And when they’ve been smoked, simply dispose of the biodegradable filter responsibly and you’ve got nothing left to carry.


Our preferred vendors build our pre-rolls from individual strains of the finest cannabis. They don’t just take the leftover shake and mix it together for a mystery smoke! So, if you’re craving the intense pain relief of a Chemdawg smoke, our Chemdawg pre-roll will give you the exact same cerebral, heavy-bodied effects you’d get from purchasing flower. Same with our Purple Monkey, Bubba Kush, Blue Dream and any of our large selection of pre-rolls in individual strains. Many of our customers sample multiple pre-rolls before purchasing the strain that works most consistently with them in bulk.

Despite what you’ve seen when your friends roll their joints, it should be noted that our pre-rolls are made with factory rolled cones and filters that are sealed by hand without saliva and under sanitary conditions.

How to use a pre-roll

Most pre-rolls come with a crutch in the drawing end for structural support. Light the opposite end and inhale, as you would any joint.

If the pre-roll wasn’t rolled perfectly it may take multiple lights for it to catch, and it’s possible it may burn uneven or go out in the middle. If your pre-roll has a side that is burning faster—”running”—you can lick a finger and use your saliva to wet the paper to slow the burning and encourage a more even burn.

Effects should be felt in minutes. Extinguish the pre-roll and save the rest for later.

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